Sit tight, friend. We'll
be back shortly...

Well, you're an overachiever...

Here's the deal; our site was a bit out of date and didn't reflect who we are these days nor did it show what we've built. Some may have even used the term, 'Old School'!

So, we got to work, dammit.

Enough with the shoemakers kid's! We decided to skip a couple happy hours and put in a few long nights to build the next Kenetic.

Stay tuned, we'll be done soon...

While this site is a lot of fun, it's not the final product. So, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need a hand in the mean time.


In case you're out of the loop, or you're here through a referral, let's get you up to speed. Kenetic is a small group of people dedicated to solving problems both big and small for clients both tiny or enterprise. The problems we normally solve revolve around the digital medium, hardware and software, mobile and web; we don't shy from a challenge.

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